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UI/UX, Web & Graphic Designer

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Find me Gluten free

Find me Gluten Free is an app where you can find gluten free establishments as well as reviews to asses the safety of the place for celiacs and gluten intolerants to eat there.

In collaboration with Jason Elmore, CEO of the FindMeGlutenFree App. 

On July 2022 we started working towards a new UI & UX experience of the app. We have surveyed more than 200 people over Typeform & done 7 one to one interviews. 

Restaurant in between marble columns and flowers. Featuring a table ready to dinne on

Photograph from Unsplash Darryl Low

Pink flowers on a field in the afteroon. The blur backgruond has muted green and blue hues
Website of CavaVi site created by Alix Simo Ribera


On Web Design

Wine cellar website

After much discussion over the website's traffic, and after observing that their website was not reflecting the image of the business they wanted to portray. I redesigned this coast winery's website. Their specifications were a cleaner, minimalistic, lighter coloured style. 

Photograph from Unsplash Viktor Nikolaienko

Photograph from Unsplash Kien Do

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