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Woman hugging knees, Alexander Krivitskiy's photograph


Photograph from Unsplash Alexander Krivitskiy


Propose new product forms for an emergency torch

In August 2021 a 7.2 earthquake in Haiti took a total death toll of 2.494 people. 

In June 2022 a 6.2 earthquake in Afghanistan took a total death toll of 2.075 people. 

In February
 2023 a 7.8 earthquake in Turkey / Syria took a total death toll of 51.888 people. 

The climate crisis we live in may not directly cause earthquakes, but it has caused more extreme weather over the years. This intensity can trigger earthquakes as it puts stress on fault lines, which is the basis for how quakes occur.


Gülhan Vişne, 17, high school student

At first, no one could reach me as the aftershocks were continuing. 
Eventually, more relatives and rescuers came to help. There was no light, only the light from my phone – the rescuers were shining a flashlight in to make me more comfortable because the dark made me feel afraid. 
I was just trying to describe the situation and help the rescuers – ‘remove that stone, move that wardrobe, take out that door’. I was trying to give orders. It was so serious, I couldn’t panic. I was the only one who could describe how I was stuck.


Ali Kafadenk, schoolteacher.

The building was still shifting and crumbling. Floors above them fell into the street. Somehow, there was an opening. It was too dusty to see. He felt it - snowy, cold air.
That is when he heard his neighbors' screams. My baby's stuck here. My leg is stuck there. My mom is under here, and my dad's over there. Kafadenk and his wife also shouted. And that is when someone pulled them out. 


Murat Babaoğlu, 26, car mechanic

I was in a space big enough so that I could turn and move a little, but my hand was stuck. It was pitch dark.

Eventually, I heard the construction machines but I couldn’t hear human voices for a while. When I heard voices, I started to whistle. It took 12 hours [from him hearing them] for them to respond to me.

Basically, I’m fine. The only thing is that I don’t think I can live in a [similar] building again. A couple of guys came and offered psychological support, but I didn’t want to talk.




Time is crucial for rescuers as the longer it takes to find survivors the lower the chances of finding them alive.
On the other hand, with no food or water screaming for help for hours on end is exhausting. 


When a huge area is destroyed where is the priority? Where to start looking for survivors? If we can pinpoint people asking for help, the guess work gets reduced.


Most of the time earthquakes come with power outrage. Being in darkness is reported to be a common problem and a serious emotional stresser.




ELI or Emergency Light is a light that can be hidden in plain sight, in any room.

When in an emergency, it will light up, the while translucent spine will provide broader light than a torch would provide a sense of calme and inform about the surroundings. 

In addition, the torch can be taken out if needed.
The spine is held in place by magnets so it's easy to fit back in without any joint struggles.

It has two buttons,
One to be able to make sound and alert nearby rescuers of your position. 
The second one is to send your signal of distress to the emergency services. 







This project was created in 2013. 
Now in 2023, 10 years later, technology advanced considerably. 

If re-done, I would have added a pocket for a charging cord for phones, a way of adding a message from other people, potentially some way of a bot to be able to talk your situation through...

This was a very interesting project to do and I would definitely love to explore further in the future.

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