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Gluten intolerances are misunderstood and not properly taught in the restoration sector. 

Cross-contamination & accidental gluten intake when eating outside is a worry for celiacs, gluten intolerants & gluten sensitives.

As a result, eating outside or travelling is a worry for most of the community, even more so if they can't speak the local language.

This is why FindMeGlutenFree started

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Informing and educating restaurant owners, waiters /waitresses or chefs would be extremely difficult and impossible to control.

FindMeGlutenFree is a pool of restaurants & establishments that have been reviewed and tested by the community.

Making it a lot easier to navigate restaurants and know where to be cautious, specially when travelling.

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The users


Graph of health condition reported by users


Graph of users reported nationalities

The challenge

How might we build an engaged community?

How might we provide a less time consuming experience? 

How might we grow our premium base? 

The pressing issues

Quantitative research (survey): 221 participants

Qualitative research (1:1 Interviews): 7 participants

Reviews are not trustworthy

"Sensitivity level is all across the board.
It's difficult to assess which reviews would merit more looking into"

"People will post 5 star reviews for places that are definitely not safe"

"Many celiacs are asymptomatic and also take risks that symptomatic celiacs would find dangerous."

User flow is not practical

"Have to click through each icon before you can tell what the reviews say. A place with ten good reviews saying it's super safe pops up exactly the same on the map as a place with one 2-star review."

"Have to flip between Google map and the app"

"Filter settings don't carry over when switching map view to list view"

There is not enough data:
Restaurants / reviews.

"Not enough restaurant coverage"

"When I look at the map, sometimes I get 10 restaurants with confusing reviews from just one or two people."

"Add direct link to restaurant website, google profile, social media"

"The interface makes the information seem old and out of date too."

Restaurants don't understand what being a celiac entails

"Restaurants lying about cross-contamination safety"

"Unclear menus"

"Lack of gluten-free certified restaurants"

"Hard to explain"

"Restaurants with GF options who "can't guarantee it""

Mock-up of the redisigned FindMeGlutenFree app proposal

The solutions

Reviews are not trustworthy

Implement a system that clusters the needs of our users so they can identify better the reviews to take into consideration.

User flow is not practical

Filters search can be saved. 

Pins are sorted into three groups: 0% safe, 50% safe, 100% safe

There is not enough data: Restaurants / reviews.

Encourage users to add new restaurants & reviews.

Restaurants don't understand what being a celiac entails

Gluten intolerance international card.

Mock-up of the redisigned FindMeGlutenFree app proposal
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