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Wine cellar

Website created for a wine shop based in Malgrat, Barcelona.
In the hopes that one day it will become theirs. 

Website redesign created by Alix Simo Ribera for Celler CavaVi

Photograph from Unsplash Viktor Nikolaienko

Webiste redesign created by Alix Simo Ribera for Arts and Crafts in the US

NGO Work

Mock-up for an NGO dedicated to art and music.


-Disclaimer the graphics on the 5 focus areas are not made by me.

Website redesign for Greenpeace España by Alix Simo Ribera


In 2021 I did a whole renewal concept for Greenpeace and their website. I created it with wix, unfortunately they decided to go on another direction.

Photograph from Unsplash Aaron Burden


Lambda is an organisation that provides Software development, Coaching and IT consultancy.

Webiste design for Lambda Coding Solutions in Romania created by Alix Simo Ribera

Photograph from Unsplash Ilya Pavlov

Weather website coded by Alix Simo Ribera while on SheCodes

Weather web

The Shecodes course modules revolve around creating a weather app. This was my first finished project created on VS Code with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. 


Find Me Gluten Free

App to find safe or 100% gluten free restaurants or establishments

Two brown clay plates full of food such as potatoes, meat and veggies on a cream coloured table

Photograph from Unsplash Edward Howell

Video App

Video App, to share directly on social media, created entirely with Figma.

Orange and cream coloured flowers some in detail some in blur

Photograph from Unsplash Kat Kelley

Woman's neck wearing a white shirt and two necklaces

Photograph from Unsplash Kateryna Hliznitsova

Jewellery App

Jewellery App, for subscribers to create their personalised jewellery, created entirely with Figma.

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