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Woman hugging knees, Alexander Krivitskiy's photo

Photograph from Unsplash Alexander Krivitskiy


E-mergency li-ght

Central Saint Martins (2013-2016)

Project: Emergency situations. 

Outcome: An object that is part of our daily lives, hidden in plain sight that comes alive when the need arises. 


Details: It looks like a book, except it contains a torch inside. The cover is hold by three powerful magnets. It glows on power outrage to be found in complete darkness. It has a button to alert people nearby and a location alert to be sent to the police. It's also equipped with a charging station on the back. 



Central Saint Martins (2013-2016)

Project: Designing an object for Muji brand.

Outcome: A small, practical camera to hold your own personal and self defining moments. It's a self project for a me moment.


Details: It is a film camera that allows to go through the process of self film developing, printing and scanning which creates a conscious, exciting and mysterious aura around photography and the memories they hold.

Work desk, notepads & watch, Unsplash

Photograph from Unsplash Marissa Grootes

Photograph from Unsplash Annie Spratt

Kid in bed half asleep, Annie Spratt's Photograph


Bamboo light

Central Saint Martins (2013-2016)

Project: Exploring material: Bamboo

Outcome: A playful light for the little ones and a minimalist element for the adults. 


Details: A light that has a geometric frame made out of bamboo. This completely flexible structure allows the inner ball containing the light to be taken out, for night walks to the bathroom, bedroom or anywhere else needed. 


Sunset light

Central Saint Martins (2013-2016)

Project: This Marset Lighting Client project is about light in the domestic bathroom environment.
It is to be powered by LED light source.

Outcome: Light 
attached it to the mirror, which becomes a reflective source.

Details: With a charging station on the back it is battery powered so, it can be snapped on any side of the mirror as wanted depending on the situation. When turning it the light changes to dimmer or stronger.


Photograph from Unsplash Kevin laminto

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